Josh Pugh – First to Complete DHT’s In-House Training Program

Josh Pugh is DHT’s first diesel technician to complete our in-house training program! Josh has worked at DHT’s Bellefontaine, Ohio facility as a diesel tech since 2019. Josh is a dedicated, caring, honest, and experienced technician. He is also mentor for our up-and-coming techs in Bellefontaine. No matter the task, from shop up keep to truck and trailer repair, Josh dives right in and gets it done. Thank-you Josh for all you have done, keep up the great work!

DHT’s technician program is a paid, self-paced program that all of our DHT technicians have the opportunity to participate in. This is a four-tier program that focuses on different aspects of diesel mechanics keeping employees up to date with industry standards and changes. DHT encourages all of our employees to participate in this program.

We are very proud of Josh Pugh for becoming a Master Technician at DHT!