DHT Partners with BST for COVID-19 Relief Efforts

DHT is honored to partner with Blumfield Secure Transport (BST) in their COVID-19 relief efforts and deliver to ‘shut ins’ within the community.

Blumfield Secure Transport (BST) recognizes the impact that COVID-19 has had on families and businesses within the local community. Cannabis companies are stepping up to the plate during this time to help – they have joined the movement ‘Proactive Community Involvement’ put on by 9 Mid-Michigan residents that wanted to make sure that school-aged children were being fed during this pandemic.

Together, DHT and Blumfield Secure Transport’s specialty is transporting, so they are doing their part by transporting meals to ‘shut ins’. Shut ins include families who rely on school lunches to provide for their children, disabled people who are unable to shop on their own, and the elderly. Roughly 450 meals are prepared by the local YMCA in Saginaw and transported to the New Life Ministry where Blumfield Secure Transport is able to then deliver around 90 meals a day. 

Each workers health is being taken very seriously. They are taking precautionary steps by taking the temperatures of workers before entering the facility, dropping the meals off on front porches, and avoiding direct contact with the meal recipient. They are also wearing proper PPE and using sanitation products, which is scarce—donations are needed!

We are happy to do their part and give back to the community during this time of need.

If you are interested in helping out, contact Cathy Csercse at 989-332-9446 or email: pcisaginaw2020@gmail.com.

If you need a meal, visit the New Life Ministries at 1401 Janes Street, Saginaw Michigan.